Japanese Experience nature, local farming lives, fresh air and comfortable cool weather at the modern budeget hotel in Cameron Highlands.


Personalize Cute Coffee Mug and Get a Cup of Coffee for FREE!

Would you like to get something special for the memory of your stay at Westwood Highland?
Westwood Highland now collaborate with a personalized mug shop "TOKKURICO MUGURICO".
This collaboration project starts since February 2016.

The artist doing the mug designs is a native Japanese settling in the beautiful Cameron Highland.

Those cute designed mugs can be personalized adding your name (and date, if you would like to) besides Westwood Highland's logo.
(If you prefer not to have logo, please mention it.)

All mugs are currently available at only Etsy other than Westwood, but you'll get discount if you get it here.

Normal price : USD 18 (About RM 76-78 *depends on currency) > Price at Westwood Highland : RM 58 (About USD 13) only!
Advance purchase order : Order it in advance when you book the room, then you'll get more discount. RM 55 (About USD 12.5) only!

Plus you'll get a cup of coffee for FREE at the Westwood Highland's bar :)

coffee menu

[The purchase flow]

1. Choose the cup you like displayed at the lobby.

2. Give your name (and dates) you wish to insert

3. Proceed to edit and print

4. You'll get your own mug and free coffee!

*You'll receive the cup on the spot or within one day except the case any staffs are not around.
If you would like to deliver to your home, please mention it to the staff. (Actual courier fee will be charged in that case.)

★Tall and big sized > 17oz (about500ml) / 8.80cm x 10.00cm (about 3.46 inches x 5.9 inches)


★Qualified printing *Do not use cleanser and metal wire wool to wash it.

★dishwasher safe, microwave safe(not with oven)

★Please don't put on the frame directly or boiled.

[Artist Profile]


BOOKS : "A Cake Reaching to the Sky" in 2013
     "The Werewolf and His Moon" in 2014
     "The Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion" in 2015
     The 1st book was re-printed in 2015.

     SENYUM (Japanese Free Magazine issued in Malaysia) 2008 - 2015