valentine gift

Pre-order souveniors and take it away when you check-out!

Strawberries, corns, tea, or any other vegetables... Cameron Highlands has several popular souveniors to take away.
Now, you can add one more great option with a good tast...
It's cakes and cookies which is made by a mother at MOMMY'S BAKERY :)
What is so special about these? They are all baked in Japanese method (means rarely find in other places). The cakes are simply delicious, and the cookies are cute & yummy.

*All products contains NO FOOD COLORING.

cake title
cake1cake2cake3cake4cake5cake6 cookie title
cookie1cookie2cookie3 cookie4cookie5cookie6 cookie7cookie8cookie9 cookie10cookie11cookie13 cookie20cookie22cookie21
What all you need to do is Just send email ( and let us know which one you want to purchase before you visit :)
*The production may needs at least 3 days to 1 week.

For more infor or any promotions, access to the MOMMY'S BAKERY site (